Nissan 350Z

Workshop 12 has partnered with to provide 3D printing services for Brainiac plastics.  Shapeways provides great customer service and quality printed products at a very competitive price.  While Workshop 12 has designed the Brainiac plastics Shapeways takes over the production and shipping by creating orders in the Shapeways Workshop 12 storefront.


What do I need to get started?

The Brainiac custom fit plastics for the Nissan 350Z have been designed to securely hold a Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 10.1″ tablet in your dashboard creating a sleek factory integrated look.  The starting point is to acquire one of these tablets if you do not already have one, which can typically found on eBay or Amazon at a reasonable price.


What do I order from Shapeways?

The 350Z solution consists of two separate pieces of plastics which need to each be added to your shopping cart on  These two pieces create a “sandwich” like configuration on the central “waterfall” of the 350Z dashboard.




How do I install the Brainiac plastics in my dashboard?

We’ve pulled together a video to show the step-by-step process of installing the Brainiac plastics into your 350Z which is no more difficult than performing a aftermarket stereo installation.  You can also find some generic aftermarket stereo installation instructions from Crutchfield. While the 02-05 and 06-09 dashboards are slightly different, the same process is applied for both.


How do I wire my tablet into my car’s electronics?


We’ve also posted some content on how to configure your tablet’s power settings to best suit an in-car installation.  A detailed blog post has also been supplied to give you a nice wiring diagram for reference. Your general requirements will be:



Unboxing Your Plastics