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COMING NEXT! Create an incredible 10.1" or 10.5" in-dash experience in your 2015+ Subaru WRX/STI

NOTE: The photos displayed are an artists rendering of what the final install may look like and is subject to change. This Brainiac system for the 2015+ WRX/STI is currently under R&D

We require 6 deposits to fund Phase 2 (3D Laser Scanning)

We require 12 additional deposits to fund Phase 5 (3D Modeling)

Phase 1
Initial Renderings
Phase 2
3D Laser Scanning
Not Funded Yet
Phase 3
Tablet Size
Phase 4
Phase 5
3D Modeling
Not Funded Yet
Phase 6
Electronics Research
Phase 7
Phase 8
Product Ready
Phase 1: Deposits Open

In order to get the project up and off the ground, we're looking to fund the Research & Development through a deposit program.

All deposits will go towards the final purchase price of a completed kit. When we reach enough deposits we will fund the next phase.

The 2015+ WRX/STI MK2 system will follow the same design philosophies of a removable magnetic face plate just like our other MK2 kits.

Phase 2: 3D Laser Scanning (Not Funded Yet)

In order to get an OEM quality fit for Brainiac plastics Workshop 12 utilizes 3D laser scanning to get everything just right.

After laser scanning, a 3D model can be created to utilize all OEM mounting points, clips and screws to make the plastics seem like they should have been there in the first place!

Phase 3: Tablet Size (Pending)

The Brainiac custom fit plastics for the 2015+ Subaru WRX/STI will likely be designed to securely hold a Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1" tablet (2019 model) OR Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.5" tablet in your dashboard creating a sleek factory integrated look. Tablet selection will be based on what will fit in the factory dashboard. Once confirmed, the starting point will be to acquire one of these tablets if you do not already have one.

Phase 4: Illustrations (Pending)

The first step to better understanding the design of the plastics is to go through a few revisions and share them with the community for feedback.

These illustrations will help us better understand part lines and any kind of concessions that might need to be made to make the kit fit the vehicle and communicate these concepts to the community.

As an example with the 350Z, it requires the customer to trim a piece of the dashboard to allow the screen to fit properly.

Phase 5: 3D Modeling
(Not Funded Yet)

Once we have gathered all the feedback from the community on the illustrations it's time to start the 3D modeling utilizing all of the 3D scanned data.

This will take the concept illustrations and make them into files that we can use for manufacturing.

This process can take 2-3 weeks to ensure that the assembly order of all of the pieces are figured out and dashboard tolerances are taken into account.

Phase 6: Electronics Research (Pending)

In the case of the 2015+ WRX/STI a replacement climate control board will need to be create.

From initial research the WRX/STI looks very similar to the FRS/BRZ climate control that we have already built.

Testing is also performed with the MK1.5 Electroinics to make sure we have everything working properly with the vehicle's audio system.

Phase 7: Testing/Fitting

As we do our electronics research we perform system testing along the way. However we also need to do some test fitting of the plastics created from the 3D model.

Once we have the 3D models ready, it takes about 4 weeks to get our front face plates back from Shapeways to perform final test fitting in the vehicle.

Phase 8: Product Ready (Pending)

Once the test fitting is completed the product is ready for orders.

All those who have placed a deposit will receive a unique discount code for the deposited amount to apply to their kit purchase.

With each new supported vehicle we also record a step-by-step installation video to help you through your successful install!

Plastics are manufactured in a durable suport material and exposed surfaces are printed in Nylon which is Heatproof to 163C/325F. Surfaces are unfinished and require sanding to prep for painting.