About Workshop 12

Workshop 12 has over 18 years of Software Engineering, Electronics & Product Management experience and over 10 years of fabrication and car building experience.  There are a variety of projects at Workshop 12 ranging from full vehicle builds, custom fabrication, electronics, software development and interactive experiences.

Some projects, such as the BatBerry and the TMBLER, have combined all of these attributes to create a vehicle that merges modern technology, smartphone software, automated control systems and custom fabrication into a highly equipped vehicle.brainiacHead

From these fabrication and software automation projects Workshop 12’s Brianiac project was born. The first incarnation of Brainiac was Workshop 12’s product that never quite made it to production focused on bringing connected car technology to vehicles you already own today.

There’s no need to wait 5-10 years for connected car technology to trickle its way into the market with the introduction of new vehicles, and no need to shell out big bucks for a brand new vehicle just to get the technology you desire.