Let’s Start With Some History

Brainiac started off as a dream of an off the shelf snap-in unit for your car that could do all sorts of wonderful things.  Workshop 12 tried to get this all-in-one product off the ground but fell short when it came to funding.  We’ve since changed our approach and now plan to provide Brainiac as software for tablets that you can install into your car.  Here’s our original video demonstrating our overall vision for in car automation.



Our New Approach

Since then we have taken a long time off and have come back to the project to find a way to share our experience and previous work with the community so that they can create great in-car experiences for themselves.  This time around we decided to modify our original 3D models to accommodate a 10.1″ tablet as the main computing power and screen so that you can source the parts yourself to pull together a great system.

We’ve partnered with to provide high quality 3D plastic prints at a very competitive price.  In our original plans we wanted to create plastic injection moulds for all the parts, but were never able to secure the LARGE amount of funds to make this happen.  We’ve decided that 3D printing is the best possible compromise.


Software Experience

In the video above we showed a whole lot of awesome software features of Brainiac.  Going forward we are tackling the most important items such as easy navigation and media control first and expand the software capabilities as time and demand permits.



Which Vehicles are Supported?

The first vehicles to receive the 10.1″ Brainiac installation Plastics are the Nissan 350Z and the 05-07 Subaru WRX/STI (no climate control yet). Our original plans were to also have the FRS/BRZ/86 as one of our options but it is currently in “R&D” mode until we figure out the climate control programming for that vehicle.  If we can figure out the climate, we’ll invest in the 3D model updates to finish off those plastics as well.

We’ve just finished our latest project for the Nissan 370Z after a successful Poll on which vehicle we should tackle next.