Black Console Screen & Reverse Camera FIX!

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This blog will address the following:

  • Black screen on Console app, but can see the buttons below the black bar
  • No signal or black screen on the reverse camera.

  • We highly recommend that you check if you connected the black extension cable with a blue tip, which is the LVDS cable. If you are experiencing the black screen on the Console app and no signal on your reverse camera simply remove the LVDS cable if it is plugged into the unit and connect the wire that the LVDS cable was connected to and plug the cable coming from your vehicle directly into the unit

    Below are photos of what your original unit's cables can look like.

    If your vehicle looks like picture 1 where there is a single blue wire then the LVDS cable is not needed to be connected. If it looks like picture 2 where there are 2 blue wires then the LVDS cable is needed.

    (Image of LVDS cable)

    If footage does not appear after removing the LVDS Cable then please head to the 

    Open settings app > System (top right) > Factory settings (2nd from the bottom) > Enter “7890” OK > First option is reverse video signal, select the drop down and ensure its on VGA > Click on SAVE & REBOOT (at the bottom of the screen)