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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you support iPads?

Nope! Workshop 12 uses Samsung Android tablets specifically for their ability to charge and use USB accessories at the same time. To be honest, iPads don't typically work well for customizations when integrating into a vehicle. Click here for more details

Can you support my XYZ tablet?

Short answer... No. Long answer... Our kits are designed to hold an affordable tablet that fits within the bounds of the inner workings of the vehicle's dashboard. There's much less room back there than one might think.

We try to choose tablets that have the best balance of vehicle fit, performance and affordability. As we evolve our products we consider adding new variants to meet market demands and tablet availability. Click here for more details

Does the system support aftermarket amplifiers and subwoofers?

Kenwood KMM-BT228U - Yes
The Kenwood KMM-BT228U has a pre-out connection that can be sent to your subwoofer amplifier.

MK1.7 Electronics - Yes
We have many customers with aftermarket amplifier and subwoofer setups. For the MK1.7 Electronics you can check out our guide to see how everything connects together for an aftermarket amplifier and subwoofer setup.

Can I use Bluetooth to stream music from my phone

Kenwood KMM-BT228U - Yes
The Kenwood KMM-BT228U supports up to 5 active Bluetooth connections.

MK1.7 Electronics - No
A tablet does not support the host A2DP Bluetooth profile required unlike a common aftermarket head unit which has it by default. However, you can typically achieve a similar end result. This can be done by using a paired internet connection or an accessory app and/or USB dongle.

Can I use Bluetooth hands free from my phone?

Kenwood KMM-BT228U - Yes
The Kenwood KMM-BT228U has hands free phone functionality and includes a wired cabin microphone.

MK1.7 Electronics - No
A tablet does not support the host Bluetooth hands-free profile required unlike a common aftermarket head unit which has it by default. However, we have had vairous people achieving success with hands free by using either an Apple CarPlay or Android Auto USB dongle.

Will the 3D printed parts melt in my car?

Nope! Workshop 12 uses PETG plastics for behind the dash support material that are heat resistant and any surfaces directly exposed to sunlight are manufactured in Nylon which is heatproof to 163C/325F. Most stories of people having 3D prints melt/warp inside vehicles are using PLA as a printing material. As a reference vehicles sitting in the sun for over an hour in Arizona have dashboard surface temperatures reaching 157F on average.

How long does it take to get the plastics?

Workshop 12 manufactures some of the plastics for the kit in-house and outsources some of the driver exposed plastics manufacturing to Shapeways. You can find more on our posted shipping lead times on our support website.

Can I still use the steering wheel controls?

Kenwood KMM-BT228U - Yes
The Kenwood KMM-BT228U has steering wheel support with use of an Axxess ASWC-1 Steering Wheel Controller.

MK1.7 Electronics - Yes
There's a product called the RcJoyCon CPJexc that allows you to map steering wheel controls to Android commands. These can typically be found on ebay for purchase.

Can I use a reverse camera?

There is a way: There are ways to use a USB camera input dongle and a reverse camera with an Android tablet. Here's an example of how it has been done by others. We're currently working on an integrated prototype and hope to have this functionality soon.

Does Android Auto work with the tablet?

Yes: There are app options for those wanting to connect their Android phone to the tablet using Android Auto for streaming music or hands free calling from their Android phone. One such example is Headunit Reloaded which allows for either a WiFi connection or a USB connection (Workshop 12 has not yet verified this).

Does Apple CarPlay work with the tablet?

Yes: There are various Apple CarPlay USB dongles out there that are being used by community members that allow you to connect your iPhone to the tablet using a USB cable just like you would in an OEM equipped Apple Car Play vehicle. This allows you to play music or hands free call from your phone on the tablet.

We have a video demonstration of this dongle on our YouTube Channel

Do I need to paint the tablet holder plastics?

For some kits: Some of the Brainiac plastics come in raw unfinished 3D printed plastic that require sanding and painting. Others are plastic injection molded and pre-painted. Your kit details will specify if it requires sanding and painting. We have posted a tutorial on how to prep and paint your Brainiac plastics.

Will the system work with the Nissan BOSE audio system?

Yes: The Kenwood KMM-BT228U and our MK1.7 Electronics work with both BOSE equipped and NON-BOSE Nissan models.

Can I install Brainiac into my factory navigation equipped 370z?

There is a way: The Brainiac plastics fit both the OEM navigation and non-navigation models. However, the OEM navigation equipped vehicles need to be swapped over to use the non-navigation climate control module.

Can I install Brainiac into my factory navigation equipped 350z?

There is a way: The Brainiac plastics fit the non-navigation model center waterfall console (piece that has the 3 gauges). The OEM navigation equipped 350z's have a little lip/hood at the top of where the non-navigation cubby opening is. This lip/hood gets in the way of the Brainiac plastics. By installing a non-navigation center waterfall trim piece the 350z kit can be used. More information can be found here.

Can I install Brainiac into my FRS/BRZ/86 with manual climate controls (non dual-zone)?

No: The Brainiac plastics will technically fit in these models, however there is no way to manage climate control as our kit is designed to manage the dual-zone climate control circuitry. We will be considering a solution for the manual climate control after we successfully launch the dual-zone model.

Can I use any Android app?

Yes: Brainiac plastics use a standard Samsung tablet that allows you to install any Android app that you like. We highly recommend our Brainiac home screen launcher for gesture based controls and convenience features as our plastic kits cover the Samsung hardware buttons.

Does it have AM/FM radio?

Kenwood KMM-BT228U - No
Currently there is't a way to control the AM/FM radio of the Kenwood reciever when it is tucked in the dashboard. We are working on a possible solution, but are making no promisses :)

MK1.7 Electronics - No
There isn't built in AM/FM radio support. You may be able to achieve this with a USB accessory and app combination.

How do I connect the tablet to the internet?

There are two ways: (1) Connect the tablet to a WiFi hotspot device (your phone or an external hotspot device) (2) Purchase the variant of the tablet that has a built in 4G connection.

If the car gets super hot does the tablet quit?

Yes: There's only so much we can do here as a tablet has limitations. If the tablet gets super hot it will go into a suspended mode until it cools down. The reason why it does this is because it does not want to charge/use a super hot battery.

The MK2 plastics are designed to allow you to remove the tablet from the vehicle. If parked in extreme temperatures for a prolonged period of time you may want to consider moving the tablet from the dash to someplace cooler.

What happens if the tabet runs out of battery?

If the tablet runs out of battery and shuts down then it will need to be recharged before turning it back on. The MK2 plastics are designed to allow you to gain access to, or remove, the tablet from the vehicle to re-charge.

Can I charge the tablet and also use USB accessories?

Yes: Our MK1 Tablet Companion and the MK1.7 Electronics allows for charging your tablet and 4 USB connections.

Can I display ODBII information on the tablet?

Yes: Feel free to connect a Bluetooth or USB OBDII dongle to your tablet and use apps such as Torque to view ODBII information.

How can the tablet's screen turn off/on with the car's ignition?

Yes: I highly recommend following our tablet power settings guide. This will have the tablet go into sleep mode and preseve its battery when the vehicle is not running.

Where do I find the Brainiac software?

You can find our Brainiac launcher app on Google Play.

Can I try the Brainiac software for free?

No: We currently don't have a "freemium" model of trying the software for free. We offer it for $12USD and if you're not satisfied with the software feel free to use the Google Play refund mechanism

Can I have the 3D models so that I can 3D print them myself?

Nope! The revenue stream from the plastic printing of the Brainiac kits is the life-blood of Workshop 12. Lots of time and money have been invested into creating a great set of models which we look to try and provide to you at the best price & quality possible.