Prototypes and Fabrication

As part of ongoing research and development Workshop 12 works on different prototype vehicles to experiment with both fabrication and vehicle automation.  This gives us a creative outlet to try new techniques and experiment with new software experiences.

The BatBerry

The current active prototype at Workshop 12 is the BatBerry. This is a custom ground up build of a replica 1989 Batmobile which has some of its axillary systems controlled by a smartphone application using Workshop 12’s Brainiac as the central control module.  This combination hardware and software controls aspects like the canopy, afterburner, bat-disc doors, replica 30 caliber machine guns and more.

The BatBerry is an active build which, if all goes well, should be finished mid year 2015. You can always follow the build process on the official BatBerry project blog.




The TMBLER was Workshop 12’s first vehicle build. This 450hp widebody street monster has won many awards from wildest Subaru to best paint at many car shows including national shows such as Importfest. The TMBLER represents an aggressive exterior with absolute attention to detail from the engine bay all the way to the trunk. Workshop 12 utilizes this vehicle as a testing ground for Brainiac integration.