The Most Unique Driving Experience on the Road

The Nemesis R1 has been designed to provide the ultimate single seater driving experience combining advanced coilover pushrod suspension design for great handling and fast track times.

A Supercar like power to weight ratio of 300+ HP to 1400 lbs creates exhilarating acceleration and 4-piston Wilwood brakes bring you to a quick stop.

Powerful Performance

The Nemeis R1 is equipped with a Subaru JDM STI EJ207 engine dyno tuned to an estimated 300+ HP with an 8000 RPM redline.

Combining these horsepower figures with an estimated vehicle weight of 1400 lbs creates a supercar like power to weight ratio.

Crisp shifts are provided with fully electronic paddle shifting creating a F1 car like driving experience.

Final Design Updates

The Nemesis R1 has now reached its final stage of design. Next step will be the fabrication of the body.

Learn how the R1 body panels will be created and the design process used to create them.

Designed with an angular fighter jet appearance to slice through the air
The R1 is built with an ExoSkeletal design and passive safety features built in