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Kits are manufactured on-demand. Workshop 12 manufactures some components in-house and also outsources printing of the driver exposed plastics to Shapeways. Shapeways typically has a 3-4 week turn around time from when an order is placed until the plastics are ready to be returned to Workshop 12. (See: Shipping Lead Times)


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PROCESSING: When we take an order we start to get everything setup to build your kit on demand. If you have ordered one of our dashboard kits that require printing services from Shapeways we'll get everything kicked off so that they start their manufacturing.

If you have ordered one of our accessories (like the MK1.5 electronics), we will start pulling together everything needed from inventory to assemble the part.

PRINTING: This status covers the time Shapeways takes to print parts used for our dashbord kits. They take time pre-processing the part, looking for the right printer batch to place it into, and then physically print the part. Yes, this is a LONG time, but unfortunately there is nothing we can do about it.

COLLECTION: Once Shapeways is finished printing the dashboard trim pieces they ship them back to us. We collect these plastics and all of the in-house manufactured parts together so that we can assemble your kit.

FINISHING: When we have all of the parts collected for your order we start the assembly and testing process to ensure everything fits well, magnets line up, and electronics are tested.

SHIPPED: We then package everything up to ship out. You will receive an email notification with shipping details.