Genesis Coupe Premium Infinity Sound System

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Of course every manufacturer out there is a snowflake.  Each with their own “special” proprietary equipment that makes aftermarket life a challenge.  In the case of the Genesis Coupe, this is their premium Infinity sound system.  This system has a remote amplifier that is fed by the head unit which then feeds the cabin speakers.

But of course it couldn’t simply take in an analog signal like every other amplifier on the market. Nor could it even use a simple SPDIF protocol. It instead needed to use its own proprietary version of  RPA-SPDIF. 

So what does that mean when trying to install aftermarket head units?  Most all head units (including Brainiac) provide analog audio out.  That means to work with the Genesis Infinity sound system an Analog-to-Digital converter is required.  But not just any converter, one that speaks the Infinity protocol.

We believe that PAC provides support for this conversion using their SPDIF Audio Converter (RPA-SPDIF). The RPA-SPDIF module is a Analog-to-Digital converter designed for use with a RP4.2-HY11 or RP4.2-HY12 interface in order to replace the factory Hyundai radio with a more advanced aftermarket head unit. The module converts analog audio from an aftermarket radio into a digital signal for proper playback of audio through the factory amplifier. The module uses a high quality Wolfson digital to analog converter (DAC) to ensure excellent sound quality.


Product Features
  • RP4.2-HY11 and RP4.2-HY12 compatibility
  • High-quality Wolfson digital to analog converter
  • Adjustable gain control
  • Power and clipping LED indicators
  • Digital amplifier fade adjustments via RadioPro PC application

For full documentation you can download their manual from their website.

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