Android Tablet Installations

Brainiac easily installs onto an Android tablet directly from Google Play.

Workshop 12 provides selected vehicles with a plug-and-play tablet housing which not only provides great interactive experiences, but can also manage your climate control when necessary.

Installing the large tablet display is no more difficult than a standard stereo installation. Simply connect the wires, snap-in the new custom trim pieces, and you're ready to roll out!

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Automate your vehicle

Brainiac has a series of both wired and wireless connections that allow for automation of your vehicle.
These systems could be your digital air suspension, reverse camera, climate control, dashboard cameras, relays, actuators, secondary displays and more. Android's app ecosystem and USB support creates endless combinations!



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Software Experience

Workshop 12 aims to tackle the most important items such as easy screen navigation and media control.

Tailor your system's experience the way you want through multiple settings and expand your vehicle's integration with Brainiac accessory support.

Brainiac Version 3.8 is now available!


Need a fresh new scent for your Car?

Workshop 12 has you covered with our Brainiac air fresheners, made out of premium cardboard. Choose from a fresh “New car” smell or the chilling “Black freeze” for a long-lasting smell.

Wireless Options

Android tablets and stereo head units have built-in WiFi capabilities for connecting to any hotspot. But it also has many other ways that it can be connected.

Depending on your tablet model, you can connect directly to cellular networks or Wire a Cellular Mobile Hotspot into
your vehicle. If LTE isnt an option then enable a Wi-Fi hotspot on your smartphone to have onboard internet.

Pair Brainiac with your OBDII reader to get an indepth car diagnostics. Connect to a Relay Controller to control various different electrical circuts within your vehicle.


Built on top of Android allowing for use of all of Android's App ecosystem

Relay Control Software

Brainiac provides automated control of a 8-channel relay board allowing you to control various different electrical circuits within your vehicle.

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