Nissan 370z

370Z eZ_Navi-Delete (Swap from Navigation Climate to Standard)

We received a great community write up from Brenden for a quick solution for those looking to swap from their Navigation equipped 370Z models over to the standard climate control.  This can be a t...
Genesis Coupe

Genesis Coupe Premium Infinity Sound System

Of course every manufacturer out there is a snowflake.  Each with their own “special” proprietary equipment that makes aftermarket life a challenge.  In the case of the Genesis Coupe, this is their...

What’s New In Brainiac 3.8

The latest and greatest version of Brainiac software is now available in Google Play! This version is primarily focused on making sure we have all of the climate control features working for the la...

Rooting Android for Turning on when Power is Detected

On this page 1) You need a new boot loader on your tablet. I have used TWRP 2) Install Magisk 3) So; now to get the “boot when my tablet is empty” part 3) Ok; this was all preparation. Now...

Joining the Software Beta Program

 NOTE: To join the beta program please send us an email request to with your Google ID (email address) used for your Google Play account.
Nissan 370z

350Z/370Z 2019 Tab A 10.1" Upgrade Kit

Tools Needed: A "red" Roberts (square) screwdriver and a Philips (+) Screwdriver
Infiniti G37

2010-2013 G37 Base (With Camera, No Nav) Harness Info

Infiniti G37

2008-2009 G37 BOSE (With Nav) Harness Info

Nissan 370z

Nissan 370Z Harness Info

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