Under Research and Development

Workshop 12 is currently conducting R&D diagnostics tests on the FRS/BRZ/86 automatic climate control unit to ensure that the OEM circuitry can be driven by a replacement control module. This process is being performed as a collaboration with Gerald Just Projects. The overall design of the product is as seen in the top photo of actual installed plastics. These are based off of Workshop 12’s original design with one change to the rear cradle where it now supports an off the shelf Samsung 10.1″ Tablet instead of the original custom screen module.

NOTE: This revision of the Brianiac system for the FRS/BRZ/86 is only for vehicles that come equipped with automatic dual zone climate control modules. We are still researching a way to provide a system for manual climate control vehicles.



Climate Control Replacement

Gerald Just Projects has been working on creating a climate control replacement module which can then be controlled by Workshop 12’s Brainiac Android home screen software. This circuitry is still in an R&D phase and therefore don’t yet have pricing details that we can share. Updates will be provided as more details become available.


What will I need to get started?

The Brainiac custom fit plastics for the FRS/BRZ/86 have been designed to securely hold a Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 10.1″ tablet in your dashboard creating a sleek factory integrated look. We are currently also exploring the possibility of fitting a Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1″ for these plastics, but that will be determined by the amount of vertical space available inside the dashboard.  The starting point is to acquire one of these tablets if you do not already have one, which can typically found on eBay or Amazon at a reasonable price.


Software Experience

Workshop 12 has created an Android home screen launcher application that will bring a more driver friendly user interface to the Android experience. This means larger touch targets for launching applications, high contrast white on black graphics, customizable accent colors and two finger gestures for media control such as volume adjustment and moving between tracks in your play list.

This application has been made available only for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 10.1″ devices used with Brainiac plastics. To download on your device, open Google Play and search for “Brainiac Launcher”.



How much will my order from Shapeways cost?

The FRS/BRZ/86 solution is expected to consist of three separate pieces of plastics which need to each be added to your shopping cart on  These pieces create a secure housing of the tablet in your dashboard with a precision fit. Below are some example prices based on the original Workshop 12 3D models which will change slightly to hold a tablet. Final price will be determined by Shapeways printing costs which are yet to be finalized as the final 3D model needs to be completed.

Shapeways Versatile Plastic is a durable nylon plastic that can be used for a wide range of applications, both for prototyping and for end products. Printed using Selective Laser Sintering (SLS), when thin, it’s flexible enough for hinges and springs and when thick, it’s strong enough for structural components.


How do I install the Brainiac plastics in my dashboard?

We’ve pulled together a video to show the step-by-step process of installing the Brainiac plastics into a 350Z which will give you a general idea of the installation process. The FRS/BRZ/86 will of course be different but will follow a similar process of disassembling the center dashboard, removing the stereo and climate control and then replacing the trim and climate control with Workshop 12 modules.



How do I wire my tablet into my car’s electronics?


We’ve also posted some content on how to configure your tablet’s power settings to best suit an in-car installation.  A detailed blog post has also been supplied to give you a nice wiring diagram for reference. Your general requirements will be:



Unboxing Your Plastics