Managing Excessive Electrical Noise

Managing electrical noise in an audio installation can be a bit challenging.  In the case of installing a tablet and amplifier there are different methods of reducing (or eliminating) different noises that find their way across the audio channels.  In the case of our MK1.5 Electronics we supply an RCA filter to clean the audio coming out of the tablet.


So why is there noise in the first place.  Well, the electrical system of your vehicle can receive distortion from multiple sources that find their way into the audio processing circuitry of the amplifier or tablet via their power source.  This distortion ends up finding its way across the audio channels of the vehicle.  For most vehicles the PAC filter we supply in our MK1.5 Electronics does the trick.  However, some vehicles may have excessive distortion on its electrical system, and for those vehicles there is a way to help address it.

The solution comes in the form of an electrical noise filter.  These units attempt to clean up the electrical signal before passing it on to the electronics (charge for the tablet and power for the amplifier).  They typically consist of a coil and a capacitor.  The coil attempts to draw out some of the distortion while the capacitor is charged up by the electrical system of the car, and then the electricity used by the electronics is drawn straight from the capacitor.  So in essence almost like a small temporary battery storage that the electronics use as a clean source.

This method helps clean out any alternator whine, or other interference on the electrical channels in an attempt to provide clean electricity to the electronics.

If you are experiencing excessive noise through your electronics you’re able to splice these electrical filters into your existing MK1.5 Electronics harness, or any other custom harness that you have created.  A couple of examples are from EKYLIN, from Install Bay and the Axxess AX-ANR1000 (which we use in the new MK1.5 kits).

These filters essentially all come with the same wiring configuration. They are an inline filter for the power supplying the electronics and a ground source.  Below is a simple diagram of how they are wired.
For the MK1.5 Electronics, if you need to splice an electrical filter into your unit, you can first peel back the electrical tape that is wrapped around the harness and splice in as shown in the diagram above into the two locations shown below.
Hopefully that helps better explain why in some vehicles there is excessive noise and also how to apply an electrical filter to reduce the distortion.  We may end up offering an option for an electrical filter to be included as part of an order for the MK1.5 Electronics.  Let us know if that’s something you would be interested in.

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