What's New in Brainiac 3.9

 NOTE: Version 3.9 has now been released.  


New Functionality
  • Single Zone Climate User Interface: To support different vehicle climate control from Brainiac we need to support vehicles with both dual and single zone.  Some example vehicles with single zone are the 05-07 WRX/STI and G35 Coupe.
  • CANBus Climate Control Integration: There are various vehicles that utilize CANBus to drive, or display, climate control data.  We’re working on the software interface between the tablet and the CANBus integration board. Sample vehicles are: G37 and Genesis Coupe  
  • Verify Relay Interface: With our all-in-one relay accessory just about ready to roll, we’re making sure that the software interfaces with this hardware are working as expected.
  • Uninstall Application: Ability to request the system to uninstall an application from the application grid. 
  • Select Quick Launch as Default: Application now starts up with the last active view. If that was the Quick Launch then it will open up at the Quick launch. 
  • New Setting for Celsius Display:  Ability in settings to display Celsius for climate control instead of Fahrenheit. 
  • New Setting for 24 Hour Clock:  Ability in settings to display the clock in 24 hour format.
  • Screen Brightness Control:  Ability to set the screen brightness based on time of day.
  • Screen Timeout Control: In previous versions of the software you would need to turn on developer options to try to keep the screen awake. Even then when the display timed out it would go very dim.  Now Brainiac controls the power settings so that the screen timeout doesn't affect the brightness of the display when you are using it.
  • Arduino Support: Added support for new Arduino chipset: ch341.c  
  • Serial Debugger:  Tool to help diagnose any kind of issue with Brainiac Accessories  
  • New Logos: Added logos for the Nissan 350Z, Nissan 370Z, Genesis Coupe and Hyundai 
  • Software Intermittently Crashing:  We’ve had a report of where the software will intermittently crash.  We “believe” this is due to how we are pulling the the application icons into the grid for display.  This can cause delays in the software making the system think the application is unresponsive, thus forcing it to close, and can also be memory intensive. 
  • Delay or “echo” when Pressing Media Buttons:  We have a report of the media buttons having extreme delays when pressing play/pause/skip.  Extreme as in not being even able to stop music from playing when pressed.  We “believe” this is a side effect of the issue listed above and think if the above issue is corrected, it should also correct this issue. 
  • Show/Hide App Scrolling Issue: When toggling app icon visibility the application grid can sometimes end up showing blank space and not scrolling back to the top. 

So there you have it… the list of things tackled in version 3.9

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