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The Nissan 350Z interior came with either a standard stereo with a "cubby" at the top of the dash or was also provided with a Navigation equipped option.  The non-navigation equipped dashboard of the 350Z fits perfectly with the Brainiac plastics kit.  Be sure to select which model year you have when ordering (02-05 or 06-08) as there are slight differences in rear mounting positions that we address with our plastics for those years.
Here is a standard 06-08 non-navigation dashboard example 
The navigation equipped models of the 350Z came in a couple different shapes and sizes.  There are some that came in pretty much the same configuration as the standard non-navigation equipped models where the top navigation screen was stored in the "cubby" area where the outer plastics are the same as the non-navigation unit and they utilized the "cubby" for the electronics and has a hinging lid that will cover the screen.  As far as we know, these models have the same pick-up/connection points as the standard dashboard but we have not confirmed this as these seem to be a bit of a Unicorn.  So they may work with the Brainiac plastics but we have not confirmed the fit.
Cubby style navigation configurations
The more common style of 350Z navigation configuration is one where there is a little "hood" over the screen to try and provide some kind of shade for the screen.  This type of configuration is not compatible with the Brainiac plastics.  That doesn't mean you can't make the Brainiac kit work with your vehicle, it just means you will need to replace the center dash trim with a standard trim piece (more on that later).  This hood gets in the way of our Brainiac plastics and won't allow the front trim piece to fit flat on the dash.  Trimming this hood at the top will leave an unsightly gap above the plastics.
Common navigation "hood" configuration
If you have one of these hooded configurations, you can simply replace the center trim with one from a vehicle that has the standard "cubby" and then the Brainiac kit will fit right in.  Make sure that you purchase the proper trim for either your 02-05 or 06-08 model year as they have some differences at the bottom. 
02-05 and 06-08 differences
You can typically find these center trim pieces for a decent price on eBay as people or scrap yards part out vehicles.  

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