What’s New In Brainiac 3.8

The latest and greatest version of Brainiac software is now available in Google Play! This version is primarily focused on making sure we have all of the climate control features working for the la...

Rooting Android for Turning on when Power is Detected

On this page 1) You need a new boot loader on your tablet. I have used TWRP 2) Install Magisk 3) So; now to get the “boot when my tablet is empty” part 3) Ok; this was all preparation. Now...

Joining the Software Beta Program

 NOTE: To join the beta program please send us an email request to with your Google ID (email address) used for your Google Play account.

Tablet Sound Adjustments and Graphic Equalizer

For those who want to fine tune the audio on their tablets, Samsung has built in a lot of different adjustments that can be performed in the Settings.  These settings may look a little different fr...

Configuring Your Tablet's Power Settings

NOTE: The below article shows you how to set up the power settings on the Galaxy Tab A 2016 version. However, similar steps apply to the rest of the tablets.   Setting up a tablet for use within a ...

What’s New In Brainiac 3.7

With more people using Brainiac with USB accessories (both on tablets and Android head units) we discovered that the broad fixes we put into version 3.6 had a larger affect than we had hoped.  In t...

What’s New In Brainiac 3.6

We ran into an issue with the compatibility with some versions of Arduino boards utilized for the relay accessory, so we needed to post up a new version 3.6 that corrected the issue as well as incl...

Brainiac Power Settings Configuration (Marshmallow 6.0)

In Google’s/Samsung’s infinite wisdom they introduced a setting in Android Marshmallow 6.0 where you have to explicitly set apps to have permissions to draw over top of other apps. Of course this a...

Tablet Smart Brightness

 NOTE: Found in the Settings Menu. Simply select Brightness Settings to customize. Available in version 3.9 Beta 3 and up. Check out tablet compatibility at the bottom of this article and specific ...

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