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Create an incredible 10.1" in-dash experience in your Nissan 370Z

NOTE: Brainiac plastics are designed for the non-navigation version of the Nissan 370Z. To support navigation equipped models a swap to non-navigation climate control is necessary.

Kits are manufactured on-demand at time of order. (See: Shipping Lead Times)

Introducing MK2

We've been listening to lots of feedback and have now created a version that is painted with an interior color matched satin black and produced as Plastic Injection Molded face plates.

MK2 provides additional design updates complete with a sturdy magnetic face plate that allows for easy access to the tablet installed in your dashboard.

Supported Tablets

The Brainiac MK2 plastics for the Nissan 370Z have been designed to securely hold a Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1" tablet in your dashboard creating a sleek factory integrated look.

This tablet is not included in the kit.
Compatible models were introduced in 2019: T510 (Wi-Fi only), T515/T517 (LTE/Wi-Fi)

Kits purchased before 9AM EST July 11, 2020 support the 2016 models
T580 (Wi-Fi only), T585 (LTE/Wi-Fi) unless otherwise specified.

Layer the OEM pieces of your dashboard together with the Brainiac plastics for an incredible fit!
Installing Brainiac

We've pulled together a video to show the step-by-step process of installing the MK2 Brainiac plastics into your 370Z which is no more difficult than performing a aftermarket stereo installation.

Software Experience

Workshop 12 aims to tackle the most important items such as easy screen navigtion and media control.

Tailor your system's experience the way you want through multiple settings and expand your vehicle's integration with Brainiac accessory support.

Brainiac Version 3.8 is now available!

Installing MK1.7 Electronics

The MK1.7 Electronics have been designed to be a plug-and-play kit for providing power, audio and USB accessory for your tablet installation.

Simply unplug your OEM stereo, and plug in the MK1.7 Electronics directly into your factory stereo harness.