Tablet Smart Media Playback

NOTE: Found in the General Settings Menu and is only applicable to tablet installs.  This feature does not affect installation on aftermarket Android head units 


One of the common features of an aftermarket head unit is that music will pick back up where it left off when the car's is shut down and started back up again.  However, when playing media on a tablet it doesn't know that the vehicle has shut down so even though the car is turned off, the media will still keep playing on the tablet.  
The Tablet Smart Media Playback feature will detect when the accessory power to the car is turned off (no more charge signal on the USB port).  If this Smart Media Playback feature is turned on, and the vehicle is turned off, the application will check to see if it is currently playing media on the tablet.  if so it will pause the media.  When accessory power is turned back on, the application will resume the playback of the audio.  This setting can be toggled to YES/NO by tapping the option in General Settings.
Essentially if media was playing at the time that power/charge was disconnected/connected, this feature will automate the Brainiac Play/Pause button depending on the powered connection state of the tablet.

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