Tablet Smart Power

NOTE: Found in the General Settings Menu and is only applicable to tablet installs.  This feature does not affect installation on aftermarket Android head units


One challenge when using a tablet in your vehicle is trying to save the battery charge for as long as you can when the vehicle is turned off.  For those who use their car as a daily driver this typically isn't an issue as the tablet is charged every day during your use.  But for vehicles that need to sit for an extended period of time battery conservation is important.  When the car is turned off, the tablet goes into sleep mode.  It is really good at conserving energy in this mode, but every little bit of energy conservation helps.
This battery standby length is one of the reasons the MK2 versions of our kits allow for removable face plates.  This allows you to get quick and easy access to the tablet so that you can actually power it down with the power button if it is going to sit for an extended period of time.  Or to bring the tablet into the house to charge or load new software.
The Tablet Smart Power feature will do its best to conserve battery power when the tablet goes into sleep mode when the vehicle is turned off.  When power to the vehicle is turned off (software detects lack of charge on the USB charging port) this Smart Power feature will check to see if WiFi and Bluetooth are turned on.  If these are turned on, it will turn off the WiFi and Bluetooth radio modems to conserve energy while the tablet is in sleep mode. 
When the tablet receives charge back to its USB port (car accessory turns on) it will turn the WiFi and Bluetooth back on (if they were on previously when the vehicle was turned off)
This creates an added bit of battery saving while your car is sitting parked.  You can turn on/off this feature simply by tapping on the Tablet Smart Power option to toggle it to YES/NO.

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