What’s New In Brainiac 3.6

We ran into an issue with the compatibility with some versions of Arduino boards utilized for the relay accessory, so we needed to post up a new version 3.6 that corrected the issue as well as include some updates that we had already finished in the current code line.

The main updates are some updated animations, the Arduino fix and the addition of the Quick Launch Screen.  


Alternate Quick Launch View

The big feature in this release is the alternate view of the application grid for quick launching your favorite apps.  You can now easily switch back and forth between the app grid view and the quick launch view.  This quick launch area will allow you to specify which 7 apps or you wish to place on the screen for quick access.  It will also provide a center area for you to choose a black and white car manufacturers logo as one of the buttons on the quick launch (the list of available logos are in the app).

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