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Managing Excessive Electrical Noise

Managing electrical noise in an audio installation can be a bit challenging.  In the case of installing a tablet and amplifier there are different methods of reducing (or eliminating) different no...
Nissan 350z

350Z MK1 Magnet Conversion Kit

Since we have introduced the MK2 version of the 350Z kit with the magnetic face plate, we’ve had a bunch of requests from customers on ways to make the MK1 version of our kits “transform” to use a...

What's New in Brainiac 3.9

 NOTE: Version 3.9 has now been released.     New Functionality Single Zone Climate User Interface: To support different vehicle climate control from Brainiac we need to support vehicles with bo...
Nissan 370z

370Z Navigation Climate Control Swap

NOTE: Check out another more plug and play solution also available called the eZ_Navi-Delete One of the most common questions we receive from Nissan 370Z owners that have the factory Navigat...

Initial Setup of Brainiac Software

NOTE:  Images below are from a 2022 Samsung Galaxy S6 Lite 10.4" tablet running Android v11  Your tablet may differ slightly based on the version of the operating system. This article will cove...
Nissan 350z

Navigation Equipped Nissan 350Z

The Nissan 350Z interior came with either a standard stereo with a "cubby" at the top of the dash or was also provided with a Navigation equipped option.  The non-navigation equipped dashboard of t...

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